Of dead kangaroos and flies...


I've encountered two forms of kangaroos so for. First was in a kangaroo curry! And I must say it was pretty delicious (and not disgusting as most ppl think!). Apparently people do eat kangaroo meat here, but not that frequently. It is mostly fed to dogs as 'pet food'. But it was worth a try. The second form was dead kangaroos on the roadside. I went for a trip to the southern oz (more about that on in the nxt blog). And on the road side I saw a couple of dead kanagroos. My friend tells me that they get hit by oncoming traffic when they decide to get to check out the two-legged idiots in cars!! But I'm yet to see one alive - hoppin' & jumpin' away!!
Next comes the flies. They are the most irritating specimens around. And they're EVERYWHERE!! You can't get from point A to point B without being chased by them. And you cant shoo them either, cuz they only seem to get more agitated, and bug you more!! The hand movement that people make while shooing away the flies from one's face is actually termed as the 'Aussie Salute'. And locals here tell me that there's no way to get rid of them. Great!! Just when I thought I'd get rid of Indian mosquitoes, I meet their brother's in Oz......

Four Seasons....One Day...


Ok. The weather here sucks. Period.
I mean, how people tolerate the weather here is beyond me. Yesterday when I got up early in the morning (ok, not so early morning), the sun was blazing hot. The radio said that the outside temperature was 41 degrees. Whew. After I'd finished my lunch at around 1:00PM, it started to get cloudy and there was a warm breeze blowing. Before I could say Jack Daniel's, it started raining cat's and dogs, with all the cinematic effects of thunder and lightning. That lasted a couple of hours, and soon the sun was back again, with the air all moist all cool. And as the night approached, by 11:30PM, there was a chill in the air, and the temperature read 17 degrees!!

In one single day, I'd experienced summer, autumn, monsoon and mild winter. Sheesh. Talk about getting time to adjust. This place is sure to be a boon for people studying meteorology. Lol...

Perth City....


Ventured out to Perth city today with my friends, taking the bus. Everything feels so different from home, esp the bus service, where back home you had to cramp youself in to get a space, hoping that you can get off in time. But here, its so relaxing to travel by bus! The city is also an amazing place. All shopping areas are located in sort of alleyway's (not in the true sense of the word), with shops lined up one after the other. But it is really different from the hustle bustle markets back in India.
And its really amazing to see movie theatres without a crowd. I still remember back home, everytime a movie was on the plan with friends we got there hours early hoping to get a ticket!! Another distinct difference that gets your attention is that unlike India, where every possible space and rooftop has been mounted with a billboard, there are absolutely none of them here. You can actually look at the sky without having Shahrukh Khan convincing you to get an Airtel Prepaid!! Lol...you get the picture right??
But I guess I'll have to stop comparing stuff with home, cuz after all this ain't home. I mean, what do these people know the joys of standing on the roadside, avoiding potholes and enjoying 'pani-puri' with friends!!! But then again, even though it was a sunday, all restraunts were closing down at 3pm and the entire place was nearly deserted by 5:30 when we got back to the Uni.
But I think i'm starting to like this place after all....Till next time...Ciao...

No photo's...


Unfortunately I cannot post any pics of Aus as my college network does not allow access to any photohosting sites, such as Yahoo Photos or Flickr etc. So until I do find a site which is not restricted, I won't be able to put up any pics...

Where have all the kangaroos gone??


So I’m finally here. Perth. Australia. Its been a long wait, but now that part is over….WHEW!!

The flight from Calcutta was looonnng and reaaallly borin. Total travel time = 21hrs!! Beat that. Anyhow, once I landed, I found that my airport pickup from the college didn't arrive. So I had to take a cab to get to the University, and the driver had no clue where it was located! Managed to get there in the end, and paid a bomb for it too!! I swear never to take a cab in this city again. I tugged along my broken luggage (thanks to Indian Airlines for that!), and finally got things organized.

Life here is pretty laid back. People are helpful and friendly. Weather is extremely funny though, for the first two days it was extremely sunny and bright and almost unbearable to step out. Next two days its been raining, chilly and the temperatures must have dropped a good 20 degrees. This part is gonna take some getting used to. My flat mates are all Chinese, and so are most of the International students on campus. There’s Danniel (Danni for short), who’s an excellent cook. Then we have Chen and Yuyu who only giggle at everything being said (They both have some trouble with their English). Those are the girls. Among the boys we have Victor and See Yen Kyuan (aka Ivan). Except for Ivan, I can’t pronounce their Chinese names. But they’re a jolly lot. But they all converse in Chinese, occasionally filling me in with the English translations. Guess I’ll be fluent in Chinese very soon !! On campus there are a lot of Malaysian’s and Indian’s too…

I’m in a suburb outside the city, and this place seems void of people. After all coming from Calcutta what else should I expect?? The distances between any two points are really large, and almost everyone has their own vehicle. That’s why there’s not so much public transportation here. Most of the buses have a frequency of 40–45 minutes I'm told.
For the first time I cooking my own food, and since I’m still alive to write this down, I guess I’m doing ok. lol… Danni is teaching me some cooking, so I should be fine

Lesse how life goes on….as long as the weather doesn't keep acting funny..

Heart & Soul....


Why does there stand this wall
which I cannot see or feel,
but crumbles in me from within
everytime I see your face go by?

Was it a lewd remark or a childish act
for which I still owe apologies?
If I knew the journey were to be so harsh,
then braced should better be I,
But once the mind has faltered,
is alteration so very harsh?

I am a fool which has already been known,
pray do tell me the remedy
so the smile on you once again shows.

If you wish for me to disappear,
so be it then and there;
But on a condition sealed with a promise
that you shall wear your smile
as long as I am gone.

Where emotions are hidden,
words seem to flounder;
But what about the heart & soul
which could not even move these boulders?

I repeat again,
if apologies are undelivered
it shall be given
and the same with sacrifices;
But let not stand this Berlin wall
for thirty odd years, beyond which
life would be impossible to repair.

So cite your wish,
and I shall be away;
But let not the same fate meet
to some other loner on the way.


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