A night at the movies...


I landed up at the cinema the other day, that too to watch a hindi movie! The movie, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehena, wasn't really great and is not really worth mentioning. But what was interesting was the audience that came to watch the movie. Being a hindi movie, I naturally expected Indian's to show up, and they did, but it was quite a sight. Be it back home or here, when we Indian's turn up for a movie it has to be a gala affair...but apparently here it was even more so!

There was not a single poster or banner about the film anywhere to be seen, but nonetheless everyone was queued up for a full house. What was most interesting were the 'categories' of people who came in to watch the movie. There were the usual working class, 9-5 types, speaking a mix of english and hindi. Then there was the older generation, presumably most of them being parents of the working classes, who had now obviously settled down in Perth. They were the most recognizable Indians, with their sari's and long earrings! And finally there was the uni-skl group, with their flashy cell phones, and nike shoes, showing off their well crafted aussie-english accents. It was actually quite a sight to watch the parents talk to their kids in hindi, and they replying back in english...haha. But whatever said and done, you can't deny one thing. Sharukh Khan is still the king no matter where Indian's land up. The usual cheer of the audience when he makes his first appearence on screen, the 'aww' and 'ooh' when he dances to a song....You can change probably everything, but you can't deny us Indian's our four-hour long Sharukh-Amitabh movies!!!

Bacon & Gamma Rays...


You think you know a person, and then again you don't. Someone landed up in perth this week...all the way back from the desi land. I'd known him to be a proper poster boy - good in studies - well laid out kinda guy. So I met up with him to just help him settle down, get on with the basic shoppin etc etc. Now as far as I knew him he was a vegetarian, as are most families I know back in cal. But the first thing he looks for in the store is Bacon & Ham. 'I've never tried ham before', he says!! And then he pop's up again - "err...do they sell alcohol here?". OMG!! He's been away from home less than 48hrs, and his path to self righteousness has already begun hahahaha....

Couple of days back was rakhi, the Indian festival where the sister's tie a band on their brother's hand for goodwill & protection. Well, a friend of mine here, whu's also from India, recieved a whole bunch of these 'rakhi's' from his sisters / cousins back home. Now along with one of them was a card, which had a dried leaf stuck to it. The card was witheld at the Australian Quarantine Bereau because the 'dried leaf was a potential quarintine hazard'!!!! He was insted sent a photocopy of the card, along with a letter that said that if he wanted the card back he would have to pay $48 for gamma ray treatment before it could be 'decontaminated' and handed back to him.....all this for a card that cost less than 0.50c!!!!

Aussies are just plain paranoid!!!

Looks like i'm gonna get cut off!!!


My uni has always had a restrictive policy on internet usage...Stuff like downloading music etc was banned, cuz let's face it, it's illegal!! So yeah, can't argue there...

But now they've even started limiting access to other stuff such as email and blog sites!!! If this carries on, I probably wudn't be able to post here anymore. I already get a message that "...the material you have requested is unlikely to be related to teaching and learning, research & development..." Can you believe this!!!

Whr hav all da people gone? Long time passing...


U can't get past the fact that there are too many people in India. I mean....we're just having a huge party back there aren't we? And that's probably the first thing that got to me when I came here....'Where are all the people'??? But then, just like everything else, I got used to it, and it really didn't seem to matter anymore. Until yesterday...

It was just about 6:30 in the evening, and I just got off work, and on my way to the train station, and as usual I didn't meet anyone on the way. But this time there wasn't even the occassional car pass by or anything. A bus did go past, but it was completely empty. Anyho, as I got to the train station, there was no one there either. Usually there are like 2-3 people, but there wasn't a soul around today. Along came the train, and again, not a soul! Trains here usually have 3 bogey's, and they all wizzed by with no one inside, except for the driver ofcourse. I got off the train, and onto the bus back home, and again - I'm the only one in the bus!!! There have been instances before when I was the only bus passenger, but not on this bus route...there's always a few people around. And it was only 7:15pm!!!!

It was one of the strangest nights ever! I was once told that the population of Calcutta was more than the population of Australia....I didn't really belive it before....but i'm pretty certain now that its true...


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