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Okie...It's been really really long since I posted something. Mostly cuz I was too lazy to sit down and type :P

A lot's happened over the last month. Exams got over. Did fairly well I can say...over and done with 1st yr!! The dreaded aussie summer is back...and tapping in on the occasional 40degs during the day, which I wouldn't quite call 'comfortable'. As it was the end of the semester, some of my friends have finished their courses and quite a few have headed / are heading back home for good. There were a lota good times there....

err...incase you have no clue about the people that have been mentioned might wanna read this

I've also shifted residences, as my old place was getting renovated. In the midst of shifting / ppl leaving for home...those last few weeks were probably the best times of the whole year!! I think Marcus & me would have irritated out flatmates more in those last two - three weeks than we did the entire year! Some of our 'accomplishments' were....
  • 'Stealing' Haiqiong's mattress and locking her out of her room! I think that entire 'event' lasted over a couple of hrs!!

  • Not to forget the time we took her room chair out for a spin on the road!!! I'm not sure...but I think she had an exam the next day!! Hahaaha.....and of course, we conveniently locked her out of the house when she went to recover it!!

Ah...those last couple of wks were good fun! And not to forget when we all went on a raid to grab whatever freebies we could!! When residents leave to go back home...most of 'em have a lota stuff they have to dispose off in a very short time. So they leave it do be donated to second hand shops and the like. So when we noticed all this 'stuff' lying around....we all made a dash for it and got out hands on some pretty neat stuff!! I got myslef some much needed new crockery / cutlery, a water heater & even managed to pick up some study material....Victor picked up a free printer for himself!!! (Which I think he donated to Hai....)...I think everyone picked up something or the other. If anyone were there watching us go thru all the stuff left there...i'm sure they would have thought we were some poor homeless kids who never had seen stuff like this before...Hahahahah.....Here are the pics of the 'raid'...

Well now we've all been shifted...and sadly we've all been put into different flats till the time the renovation is complete. Hopefully, most of us would be back in the same flat again...and the madness would continue!! The summer has not been overtly exciting otherwise...mostly keeping myself busy working at odd hours....but nothing much otherwise....

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