Australia Day...!!!

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So when it comes to National Pride, Ozzies & Indian's share one thing in 26th Jan is Republic Day in India, its also Australia Day here. I'm told its in celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney in 1788 to set up a colony here. Its a national holiday here, which made the already empty streets look even more deserted. And the weather wasn't too forgiving either, reaching a hot 35degrees with a warm breeze blowing throughout...

The high point of the day is in the evening, where there is a spectacular fireworks display over the river. So before that I headed out with my friends, who introduced me to Japanese food for the first time. All my friends are from Malaysia, and were apparently quite well versed with Japanese cuisine. We stared off with 'Sashimi'...a plate of freshly cut raw seafood served with Wasabi & soy sauce. I was a bit taken aback at first, because the fish is 'totally' raw!! From tuna, to prawns, to octopus...there was a wide variety of fish there. For the main course I was served a seafood noodle soup (i'm not sure what it was called), a spicy soup with noodles and various fish, including whole prawns, mussels & some other fish i'd never seen in my life before!! Being my first time my friends also got me to taste some other stuff, including cold noodle soup, and sticky rice with avocado & fish eggs wrapped in seaweed. I must say....i'm certainly hooked on to Japanese food!!

We then walked down to the river and watched the fireworks, which went on for half an hr. I was told to be careful of the 'crowd' there, because its a day when apparently everyone comes out to watch the fireworks. So I was all geared up to do some pushing and shoving, but I was quite disappointed when I got to the riverside. True, there were more people there than one would normally expect in Perth, but I've seen more people gathered at a 'non' busy day at the Kolkata book fair!! Hehe.... The fireworks were quite well done, and they even had helicopters flying around with huge Australia flags fluttering in the sky...

Since I don't have a cam, I can't put up any pics of the day...but as soon as I get some of the snaps from my mates, I'll put 'em up...

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