The Stuff Dreams Made Of....

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Back in the day I loved reading story books (still sorta do :P).....usually Enid Blyton books, all her 'mystery books'. There was the Famous Five....the Five Find-Outers and many others...but I can recall the stories from most of these series. And what I loved most was the portrayal of the English country side, and their way of life - The lush green countryside or the cool breeze by the riverside, scones for tea, pie's for breakfast..... And all these books were written in such a way as to make you want to want all of that kind of life...and of course, coming across a mystery or a disappearing Prince now and then wouldn't be too bad!

Yesterday evening was one of those evening where one can describe the weather as perfect....a slight cloudy overcast, bright light, calm was just right. So my friends and I set off for a cycle ride down by the river. Just a relaxed ride, three of us, more of 'strolling' with out bikes. We went a considerable distance from home, and along by the river, came across an old jetty, probably once used to cast off small boats. Leaving our bikes by the sand, we just took a walk down the jetty...talking about pretty much everything under the sun. The breeze picked up quite a bit, and there we were, three guys dangling our legs over the water....chatting up on one topic to another....right from what fish we could probably pick up from there to what out dream retirement homes would look like!! And it was after a long long time that I saw the sunset over the water....something that used to be a daily thing back in Cochin. What was meant to be just a 10minute stop ate up close to an hrs time! I just took a walk down towards the end of the jetty and looking back at it was just like an illustration of one of the old Enid Blydon books....couple of kids sitting all immersed in their otherwise non nonsensical conversations....over the water....watching the sunset. It was just the kind of thing that one would dream of doing when flipping through the pages of those old books! So I guess one day u cud probably get what u dreamed of....

Btw....on a lighter note, I've just been reminded that 'the stuff dreams are made of' is Sleep...and I should probably get a bit more of it.....lolz...

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