"You must be half mad!"


5AM. Friday. The alarm is turned off. Temperature outside reads 12 degrees. The sky is still pitch dark. And here go two guys, dressed in clothes fit for a hot summer day by the beach, cycling away each minute as they bicker about the cold. 15mins later they're by the river side, still shaking from the cold winds, only to hear from their coach .... "I've gotta hand it to all you guys here. Cuz you must be half mad to get up so early and come down here in the mornings"!! Not very reassuring as you can see....

This is what I've gotten myself into every week. University Rowing. Couple of days a week, a handful of us guys and girls meet at a boat shed by the river, lift out long and heavy boats, carry them into the water, knee deep mind you, plop them down, while carefully trying to avoid all the jellyfish lurking around. Then comes about 2hrs of training, where we're taught to row on different types of boats, and master the technique. Today, being a bit colder and windier that usual, it was concluded that it probably wasn't too safe to head out into the water today. So our coach decided to give us the '...you must be half mad...' pep talk. Now I did do some rowing back when I was in school, but that seemed more laid back compared to this. I was just informed that irrespective of how good or bad I was at rowing, by the end of the season, i.e, sometime around September, we would all be entered to compete in the state championships!! So there's a lot to work for. I do throughly enjoy the sport, but while it may look easy, its quite physically demanding. And thats not quite my strong point. And the fact that I have to get up before the sun rises doesn't quite help either. But this year has been different. I seem to be getting more things done (least i hope so), but still find myself with a reasonably good amount of spare time, which can't be a bad thing....

Here's the million dollar question....use this time to row? or to snore?

I guess I'll take my chances with the jellyfish....

So wats my name...


It really is fun when your boss can't pronounce your name!! You can get away from doing most of the hard work!! Australians find it fairly difficult to pronounce my name, and usually shorten it to something they can pronounce more easily. Recently, we got a new manager at the store where I work. And he just can't seem to take a crack at my name. The other day I was working in one of the aisles with a colleague, Katherine, and he comes there to ask one of use to clean up a spill. So looks at me, and goes...."Uhdi...Adyi...Umm......oh never mind! Katherine, can you clean up the spill?" Hahahaha......And this has happened a one too many times. Work has suddenly become more fun lately.....

Uni's open again, and its quite a hectic semester. I've been bombarded by assignments and weekly examinations right from the start of the semester!! On top of that I've joined the university rowing club, and they start practice at 6am in the mornings!! Which means I have to get up by 5:15 each morning, and cycle to the river side, go for practice, come back, and then head off to Uni. But what's scary about rowing is the jellyfish!! The first day of practice, we took out the boats to the river, and since it was early in the morning, we just went straight into the water and plopped the boats down. After practice, when we were getting out of the water, I saw the whole riverside was spotted with dead jellyfish!! And a glance into the water really gave me a shock. There were scores of huge jellyfish floating all around! So I asked my coach, "Do they sting?"....he scratches his head and goes "Umm...well....probably they...umm....I don't think so". Now that wasn't quite a reassuring response!

The start of the semester has been good so far....let's see how it goes...


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