An Inconvenient Truth...


Global Warming. Our effect on the environment. Climate changes. We all know what these are, how are they caused, the consequences etc. "An Inconvenient Truth" is a documentary I just finished watching less that 5 minutes ago, and I was a bit shocked by the facts it presented. It doesn't highlight that much what you and I already know, but what are the reasons we aren't doing anything about it. Facts about climate shifts, rise in water levels etc. I already knew, but this gave such a deep perspective into every aspect of Global Warming, that this film is not just something you might want to see, but as one poster rightly points out, '....its a necessary film'.

the poster reads : "by far the most terrifying film you will ever see"

If you haven't seen it, do so. If you have, recommend others to watch it. It really gets you thinking. To get you started, here's a peek

A fire...a fair...and another fire!


This is just getting a bit ridiculous now. If you're been following posts from before, you'll have noticed on how many times the fire alarm went off in the student village (3 i think...), about cops chasing cars crashing into fences (read previous post) and the like. So I bet it won't take a genius to figure out what happened during my lecture on Tuesday morning. Yup..another fire alarm! And by this I was like..."not another one...!!". So in usual fashion we were all evacuated from the building with the warning sirens all jangling above the head. But it probably must have been someone's shoelace on fire or something, cuz 15 mins later were all all back to out classrooms. But I think the best line that day was "I know the fire alarm is ringing...but shud we just finish this chapter first?"

Next in line was the Career Fair. To be honest, it looked more like free shopping spree than a career fair. Each and every booth was lined with employers who had tables full of pens and chocolates and stationary and all the nitty gritty nonsense. Some were even standing outside the stalls with the freebies...luring the people in...and then dropping the one liner, "Here's something free for I don't suppose u'd be interested in working here"....Well if I worked there I know what my job would be....go to other career fairs and hand out freebies...hahahah...

More pictures of the career fair are at "Career Fair 2007"

And yes...there is still another fire story!! Was at the city today, waiting for the bus, when smoke started coming out from the bin next to the bus stand. Probably someone dropped a cigarette in there or something. And literally within minutes of me sitting there, the fire department came rushing there, sirens blaring n lights flashing to put it out! *Sigh*...gotta get rid of this fire phenomenon following me everywhere. Least I know I'm safe in the city tho...

Work Work Work....


My head's probably gonna explode soon. This semester is like a huge maze....keep walking and every corner you take its just more work to do. You think you've completed everything, and there comes knocking something you've missed, or some more work. Assignments....tests....reports....quizzes....lab work....AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Come to think of it, my head exploding would probably be a good thing.

Last couple of weeks I've cut down my working hours drastically, cuz there's just so much work. And here's the best part. No one at work, my supervisor, my one notices if I do come in to work or not. Thing is, since the place where I work is so big, most of the times I don't meet any of them. I just clock in, go to my aisle, do my work, clock out and go home. So the fact that I've cut down on my hours seems to have gone completely unnoticed!! But then again, less work means less money, so I have to really buck up on my work and get back on track as soon as possible.

And if you've been following my previous posts, you'd have read about the two fire incidents, and all the other chaos that happens in my flat. So keeping in the spirit of things, we had the cops blaring in our backyard at midnight. They were apparently chasing someone in a stolen car, and the wise chap managed to run through our fence and into the housing area. I didn't get to see the car first hand, cuz the moment we stepped out, we were shooed to stay inside out flats. But I'm told by those who did get a decent look at the chaos that it was quite a dashing car. Now what I don't get is if he was being chased by the cops, why did he come in through the fence. To give you a bit of perspective, the fence lies atleast 45-50 mts away from the road, with a lot of debris and trees in the way. He must have been a really good driver to avoid all those trees.....but then again, he must be a really bad driver, cuz he did crash through the fence and get caught!!

Ah well...back to the books for now....


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