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Its 5:22AM on a Sunday morning. Its 9 degrees outside, and I've got the heater set on just right. But the fact that I'm sitting right next to the window, with the breeze blowing in means that one side of my body is frozen, and the other side is slightly over-warm cuz of the heater.

The room's a complete mess, books, papers, cups....evidence of the countless cups of coffee and tea that have gone into me, are scattered here and everywhere. My computer screens in front of me are cluttered with countless open files with information ranging from routing protocols to power shortage crisis in Uganda. I've been in the same orange t-shirt and beige shorts since Thursday evening, and a glance at the mirror a couple of hours back says that I probably shouldn't go out like this, else I'll certainly be perceived as homeless.

The reason for all this? I'm on the last week of my semester. And by far, this is gonna be the worst week I've ever had. I have to give a presentation on Monday morning, followed by three networking certification tests in the afternoon. On Thursday, I have a final exam on Perl Scripting, followed by work, which I'm most likely to skip. Why? Because on Friday I have 4 assignments to hand in, including a case study. Oh, and I may have missed that I have two more certification exams after Monday. And yes, the rest of the final exams following the week after.

So at this point my life seems interesting enough. I hope everyone else is experiencing similar 'joy' where they live.


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