How much is enough...

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There's never an end to how much you can 'want'. And it doesn't quite help if you work in the very store that sells all your wants...CHEAP!!
After my winter holidays back in India, I got a new job at an Computer / Electronics store. Now my wish-list has always been quite long, favoring more towards the tech-shiny-gadgets side. Things on the list include - MacBook Pro, 25" Wide screen LCD, Fender Stratocaster etc etc. Now barring the Fender, the store sells practically everything else. At as an employee, I get everything at cost price! I was always aware that stores make a lot of profit on their margins, but actually working there gives you the true idea of what's happening. Most high end gadgets have a profit margin of at least $500!! Ah...and the fact that I can buy these at cost price...ah..thats killing...

Apart from work, not much has been happening. Just been hanging out with friends. Here are a few pics of all the nonsense everyone's been up2...

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