It had to happen someday...


And the transformation has begun.

I could never do without a keyboard and a screen in front of me, and now I guess I can't think without one either. It sounds pretty pathetic I kno, but I can't help myself. I was at my math lecture today, when my lecturer cracked a joke. As I was walking back, I wuz thinkin about it, and in my head I went...."Dat was a good one. Lol..." !!!! I actually thought out the word 'Lol'!!! And in my papers I already notice that I write 'thinkin' or 'dat' instead of 'thinking' or 'that'.....!!

I'd read a lota articles earlier on how computer's have an influence on even the most simplest of tasks, and how the English languge is taking a tumble downhill....and I used to just laugh them off. But now....damn....

The revolution is coming....

How to Write a College Paper...


Got this from my Uni housing services newsletter....hilarious...

How to Write a College Paper

  1. Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a well-lighted place with plenty of freshly sharpened pencils.
  2. Check your email
  3. Read over the assignment carefully, to make certain you understand it
  4. Walk down to the vending machine, and buy some coffee to help you concentrate
  5. Check your email
  6. Check up on your friend if she has started writing the paper or not. If not, you can both walk to McDonald's and buy a hamburger to help you concentrate. If your friend shows you her paper, typed, double spaced and bound in one of those irritating see thought plastic folders, drop her
  7. When you get back to your room, sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a clean, well-lighted place with plenty of freshly sharpened pencils
  8. Read over the assignment again to make certain you absolutely understand it
  9. Check your email
  10. Look at your teeth in the bathroom mirror
  11. Listen to your favourite tape, and that's it, seriously, as soon as its over you are gonna start writing that paper
  12. Listen to the other side of the tape
  13. Check your email
  14. Rearrange all your CD's in alphabetical order
  15. Phone one of your friends and ask if she's started writing the paper as yet. Exchange derogatory remarks about your teacher, the course, the college, the world at large
  16. Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a clean, well-lighted place with plenty of freshly sharpened pencils
  17. Check your email
  18. Check the newspaper listings to make sure you haven't missed anything truly worthwhile on TV. Note: When you have less than 12hrs, anything on TV from Masterpiece Theater to "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon" is worthwhile.
  19. Look at your tongue in the bathroom mirror
  20. Look through your roommate's book of pictures from home. Ask who everyone is.
  21. Sit down and do some serious thinking about your plans for the future.
  22. Open your door and check if there are any mysterious, trench-coated strangers lurking in the hall
  23. Check your email
  24. Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a clean, well-lighted place with plenty of freshly sharpened pencils
  25. Read over the assignment one more time, just for the heck of it
  26. Scoot your chair across to the window and watch the sunrise
  27. Lie face down on the floor and moan
  28. Check your email
  29. Leap up and write the paper
  30. Type the paper, and while you're at it, check your email
  31. Complain to everyone that you didn't get any sleep because you had to write that darn paper

Lance Armstong...I'm gettin thr...


I said it in my previous post and I'll say it again. What A Day!!!
I tried to be a bit adventerous today - I usually take the bus to get into city, which is approximately a 50min ride. So I said let's try somethin different, why don't I cycle it all the way? My roomie from Malaysia is a cycling enthusiast, and has been a part of many semi-pro racing teams. So he was naturally over enthusiastic when I asked him to ride along with me. So we set out with the weather looking fine, and were going good for couple of kms. Then out of the roomie gets a sudden bust of energy, switches his gears and starts off on a sprint! I wuz like....where the hell is he off to? And before I can say 'Jack Daniels', he's outa my sight....

Now I'm not built for this sorta stuff. Cumon...I'm a computer guy...I sit on a chair...elbows rested on a table...a cup of coffee withing easy reach....not made to release sudden bursts of energy and set off in to the horizon...Anyhow, I gave it all I got and tried to follow him. In less that a couple of minutes i'd totally run outa steam...huffing and panting, I still try to keep going. Must have been after some 4-5mins of pedalling, that I see him far up ahead, leaning against a post, waiting for me. The moment he saw me from the distance, he shot off again. Oh no...Not again!! And again some kms later, I see him waiting. I guess by then he realized that I really waznt keepin up with him!! So when I finally catch up with him at a fuel station whr we had planned to stop and fill some air.....he says.....

'Whats the matter? Why are you so far behind?'
And he gives me this oh so matter of factly look....
Me: 'What was that sprintin all about?!?! Whr did u suddenly dash off to?
Him: Sprint? That was no sprint. I was just cycling.
Me: Just cycling?
Him: first I was just warming up..

Oh brother! N b4 I could say anythin else, everythin wuz goin all black. My head started spinning, and I wuz feelin funny in my stomach. Toilet...I gotta find a toilet....Ah...there's one... 5mins later I walk outa there feeling much better. And then he asks me...'You alrite? Are you feelin giddy?'. I go - 'Yeah....things don't feel too good'. 'Ah', he says, 'thats cuz u were not matching your breathing with your cycling...!!!'

10mins and a small talk later, I realized that there's a lot more to long distance cycling than just having good stamina & pedalling....there's quite a bit of technique involved. Breathing techniques, gear ratios while climbing uphill and downhill, applying the right pressure on the pedal with the toes....there wuz a whole load of other stuff....

From then on, things went off pretty well. We kept a decent pace, and I tried to cycle 'skillfully'. Hopefully after a copule of more trips such as this, I should be able to piece it up all together...cuz I definitely don't wanna go thru what happened today again....

Salsa & Arabic Coffee...


What a day! For has been what I term as freezing cold, and a great night out! My uni had a carnival on today.....called 'Harmony in Diveristy', organized by the International Student Committee (ISC). But before that was the semi-finals of the 'Curtin Idol' singing competition (i kno...i kno...every1 has an idol show on these days)... But it was nice to see that the contestants were from all over the globe...people from Malaysia, China, America, Australia (obviously)...and plenty others. There is definitely a lota talent over here....
I happened to be one of the voulenteers for the ISC, and it wuz really good fun. Apart from the fact that I got loads 'n loads of free food (else y would i even b there!!), it was a good way of gettin to kno how things work here. There were performances by Salsa and Belly Dancers....and also an Aboriginal musical show. Now to be honest, I really didn't dig aboriginal music, but these guys were surely talented. And the salsa dancers also offered a free 20min lesson on the basics of salsa after their performance. There were also a whole lota stalls which were set up by various student groups....givin info bout their countries, selling some home-made stuff etc etc.

One of my friends whu's from Oman called me over to experience a traditional 'Arabic welcome'...the whole lot of them were dressed up in traditional arabic attire, which was a silk gown called 'Disha Dasha' and a hat called a 'Kufi'. I was welcomed with bow followed by the greeting 'Salam Alaikum', to which I was to reply 'Alaikum Salam'. The greeting meant 'May Peace be upon you', and my reply meant 'May peace be upon you too'. Then I was served a plate of dates (the fruit of the date palm), followed by a small shot of really really strong black coffee. And after I was done, I was asked to rinse the cup with a lil bit of coffee, which was a sign that I didn't want anymore, and that I accepted their welcome. Quite an experience...

Another stall was set up by a group of aboriginal people, who were actually a mix of other races. I spoke to this one guy, who was part Pakistani, part Afghani and part Aboriginal, which also makes him part Australian! Now thats a lota parts for one person!! But it was intersting to know how people came to this country from all over the world. I'm told that Australians are actually the decendents of British convicts from the 1800' thats something to think about...

But on the whole, it was really an awsome time. With the music, the food and the was really gr8....n i'm really lookin forward to more of such stuff as it comes along....if only it doesn't turn out to be as cold as it was tonite....

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels...


Saw a couple of movies over the weekend. First time I ever saw a Guy Ritchie movie....and I must say it was quite something. The first one was 'Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels'.....a caper comedy, with what I thought was unique filmography (dunno if thats a real word!). I love movies which have stories a little more than just a guy and a girl tryin 2 hook up throughout the entire length of the movie....Movies with a twist...bit of comedy, bit of action....those are the sorta ingedients that taste gud. I did some reading up about the movie, and apparently it was Ritchie's first successful commercial film. Nice...
Second movie was also a Guy Ritchie film called 'Snatch'. Its on similar lines to Lock, Stock....and equally well done. I thought Brad Pitt's role in it was really superb...with the Irish accent n stuff... If you ppl out thr haven't seen either of the look them up if you get the chance...didn't dissappoint me atleast.... (",)



Ever since I've set foot on this place, the question that i've been pounded with the most is - 'Don't you miss Kolkata'?? So here's b4 someone asks me again...
Well...its a toughie. When I was in cal, I didn't overtly fall in love with the place. I didn't hate it. After all coming from cochin, whr I stayed for 10yrs, Cal really wasn't the place that made me go 'Oooh Yeah....'. There was the everyday hustle bustle, the noise, the pollution. Those can really test one's nerves. But then whr else in the country can you have ur 'adda' with ur friendz in the neighbourhood 'pada'!! Lol...I mean...u gotta agree...thats unique!! Its the kinda place that you think you would love to hate, and want to leave behind forever. But now that I'm away from it, I wouldn't mind making a visit back there sometime. Its has its own charm...and you can only get what I mean if u've stayed thr....Its like a 'love - hate' relationship....I didnt 'love' the didnt hate situation for anybody to be in if u ask me!!

Casual Day....Every Day...


Its interesting how people follow different norms in different places, and how the term 'acceptable' differs completely from place to place. Aussies in general are very easy going and friendly people. Where else would you be walking beside a complete stranger on the roadside, and exchanging pleasantries or discussing the weather?
I took some time to get used to it, cuz everytime I stepped out, I didnt expect to hear 'G'day Mate' or 'How's it goin?' from every second person that walked me by!! But that's just the way people are here.....Even if you use the public transportation, the bus driver greets you and exchanges a line or two. In India, the only time the bus driver would exchange a line with you is if you gave him a less fare!!! It feels so gud when the person in front of you always greets you with a smile, be it a cashier at a counter or a passenger in a bus. Its like they're always glad to meet u!!!
Aussie slangs are another thing. 'No Worries' - u'd hear this phrase atleast 10times a day, if not more. All conversation is guaranteed to end with 'No Worries'!! Some other slangs which you get to hear frequently are Barbie (BBQ), Bikkie (Biscuit), Dunny (Toilet), Fair Dinkum (Genuine) does take gettin used to cuz in a conversation they suddenly pop up, and I go...whaaa???
But one thing I still can't get used to is the 'casual' sense of dressing! And when I mean 'casual'...I mean it to its truest sense. On my 1st day of class, I put on a T-shirt, kno...the kind of stuff you expect ppl to wear (or atleast wat I expect!). And I'm greeted with people walkin into class wearing beach burmudas....rubber slippers....vests...and maybe a coke in the hand!! But the icing on the cake was when my lecturer walked in a pair of shorts, t-shirt and floaters!!! And it was the same for all my other classes. What you wear is apparently not an issue...and anything is acceptable. I even notice about 2-3ppl in Uni everyday who are barefoot!! And it's not just uni...I went to the city and its the same everywhere....ppl just love to be casual...

As an end note...even i've started attendin uni minus the dilly dally. After all it is a pain to put on clean socks (i hope my mom isn't readin this) and slip on the shoes etc etc. Just pull something out, slip it out..and I'm outta there...

Damn that was good...


On the topic of food again....I just had write about what I cooked for dinner today!! I dunno what I was thinkin when I made it, but it turned out something totally unexpected....
Well last night when I was on the phone wit my mum, she said that if I wanted to speed up cookin process, I'd be better off if I could marinade the meat b4 I cooked it. So today before I set out to cook, I'd said to myslef...thats exactly what I'll do....Here goes the recipie...

  • Minced Meat (enough to serve two)
  • Strawberry flavoured yogurt (I told u...i dunno wat I was thinkin!!)
  • Fresh stawberries
  • Thai Green Curry Paste
  • Carrots
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Capsicum (Green Pepper)
  • Chilli Garlic Paste
  • Thai vegetable stir fry sauce
Mix meat with three spoonfulls of yogurt and two spoons of Thai green curry paste. Add about 4-5 fresh sliced strawberries. Leave to marinade for about 3hours.
Heat oil in a pan, and then add the meat. Cook until meat is half done, then add in about 1/4 cup of water and 3tbsp thai vegetable stir fry sauce. Add about 1tbsp chilli garlic paste. Cook for another 3-4minutes, then add thinly sliced carrots & shredded cabbage. After about another minute or so, add the capsicum (cut slightly big), and let it simmer. Serve hot with steamed rice!!

I know I know that the ingredients sound funny, with the stawberries & the thai green curry...even I thought the same thing, but I said, 'What the heck', and went ahead with it!! And believe you me, it really tasted good!!! Give it a shot and lemme know how it turned out....

Disclamer: If you cook this @ home, and it turns out really bad...and you get sick n stuff, I cannot be held responsible. So don't get your lawyer to sue me or something like that. You probably didn't follow the instructions properly. In that case, you'd have to wait until u meet me & I could cook it for you....



Food. Can't live without it. Love livin wit it (",)
Before I got to Perth, I'd never cooked a meal for myself. Ever. Well maybe an occassional breakfast or so, but it was never a proper one. At home my mom, my dad & my sis - all three cooked. So why the heck did I need to? Someone's gotta do the eatin rite??
But my 1st day here at uni, I was absolutely blank. I had simply no idea what to cook. Well I did have to go and buy some stuff first, which again I thought would be a simple task, cuz i'd occassionally tag along wit mum bak home wen she did her shoppin....But it wasn't at all wat I expected it to be. No mum to clarify if this is the right stuff to buy or not. Anyhow, once I got thru that, I got bak home and set my self up to cook some food. My first dish, Day 1 - Boiled carrots and capsicum with instant noodles. Day 2 - Boiled carrots and capsicum with instant noodles. Day 3 - Boiled carrots and capsicum with instant get the picture rite?!?!?
But as days started passin by, I found myslelf eating food with some taste in it!! One of my flatmates is an excellent cook, and she'd make sure to call me whenever she did her cookin. Unfortunately she couldn't explain anything to me in words cuz she's Chinese, and English is really not her stong point. Anyhow, I'd try my hand at cookin once she was done, and things did start to get better. There were some ups and down's, like the time when I didnt cook the food throughly, and most of the stuff was still raw. End result? The toilet was home for 2 days!!!
Now its been a month since I've left home, and last night I probably cooked the best dinner ever! I can't giva a name to what I made, cuz it was a sorta self creation, and I really haven't got enuf creativity in me to sit and name dishes. But anyhow, the point is - I'm actually enjoyin cookin!! And the satisfation you get when you taste something good, and you know that its 'you' whu's made it...Aahhh!!!!
So to all my friendz bak home - Next time I'm there, dinner's on me...... (",)

Ahh....I know...u


You know that feeling you get when you realize that you're the only one in a group who knows something? When you're sitting there relaxing and everyone around is struggling to understand something? Thats how my day was today..... (",)
In my math lecture today, basic algebra was the topic of discussion, you know, just to brush up the basics before we got to the nitty gritty stuff. So just as an example, a sum goes up on the whiteboard - What is the value of x in (5x + 2)/3 = 2x. I was like, cumon, we can't be startin from this basic stuff... But when I take a look around I see people scratching their heads, writing down line after line as if they were decoding Morse code or something. Can you believe that the lecture actually spent about 5-7mins just explaining how to do the sum?!?! Next comes on the board something like divide 22163/37. So everyone proceeded to take out their calculator's. The lecturer says - Who all can do this without their calculators?'. And believe you me, the total number hands that went up including mine was barely 7-8 in a classroom with more than 300 people!!! So I say to myself, OMG! Wats happenin here?? So I ask my friend nxt to me (no offence to him if he's readin this), 'you can't divide that'?? He says to me - 'Dunno's been a long time'.....
I'm thinking I must be in the wrong class. This can't be right. So I look up my syllabus, and see that this unit does dive deeper into technical calculus and stuff like that, but they intend to start teaching from the very beginning, and now I know why!!!
I remember bak in skl how I'd always complain on how we weren't allowed to use calculators in our exams...but now I'm glad that I didn't. I can see what the consequences would have been!! Here in oz, students start using calc's right from skl, and are almost totally dependent on them. Its a shame really....its one of the downsides of depending too much on electronics.
Anyhow, for the time being I'm gonna enjoy myself in math classes....baskin' in pride of knowledge, smirking away in my

Oh Sleep...Where Art Thou?


Its been just a few weeks into semester, and I already feel that I'm sleep deprived!! What is it wit uni & class schedules? School was good - go to class in the morn, come back by noon & then do wateva u had to do. But wats wit having one 2hr lecture @ 8:00a.m, and the next one at 3:00pm?? My whole routine, if i had one, would have gotten upset!! N sleep is something that I really can't do without. I'm sure no living maniac can, but my quota is a bit higher than most mammals. My friends readin this kno exactly wat I mean....
And here I am, after a long break, tryin to walk down the path toward my professional career (ooh..that sounded so mature!!), and I find myself gettin less n less sleep. My comp dept has this 'wise' idea of running all machines on a Unix systems, so last night I found myself sitting up till 4:00 trying to get some blasted network configured. When I looked @ the clock, I went - Shit...gotta sleep. Then I look at my planner n I see - 'Mathematics Quiz on Probability at 11:00am". Great! What was the probability that I didn't see that before?? Friggin' Unix Systems....
So I managed to sleep till 9:00am, struggled outa bed, made a sloppy breakfast and got down to some studyin. As I walked to class my head had a funny feeling, as if I was swirling or something. It was either an overdose of Unix or underdose of Sleep (It was the latter....the latter I tell you..)
But what was the wackiest thing in this entire course of events?? I aced my quiz!!! I dunno how, but I did....
And as I sit here writing this, I'm actually trying to come up with a formula to give me a relationship between the lack of sleep, a bit of unix, a soggy breakfast and an aced quiz. Will publish the results once I figure out what I'm talkin bout....

Wine & Chocolates...


There's a small town just about an hour outside Perth called Swan Valley. Its a picturesque lush green place that's a popular attraction to people here. One of the main attractions is its many vineyard's. I went there with my friends during the weekend, visiting a few places around. Now I really don't get what's all the fuss about wine. I tasted a couple of different types, and how I wish I could splurt it out. I looked around me, watching people tasting wine, and I was thinking to myself - these people are really great actor's, cuz this stuff is TERRIBLE!!!. This was white wine btw, the red wine wasn't too bad tho. Anyhow, I'm sure that some wine 'expert' would tell me that I have to still develop the taste for it, or some stupid thing like dat. I'd tell him to go take a hike. Anyhow, you wine drinkers do your thing and leave me at peace.
Next stop was the Margaret River Chocolate Factory....that sounded good. The place from outside didn't look very impressive, but once we stepped in - Woah! That smelt like heaven. Everywhere I looked, there was just chocolate & chocolate. And the best part? I could sample chocolates for free!!! (No wonder the place was swarming with people). Right from dark to white to creamy...u name it and it was there. I could have gone all day, but I had to bid goodbye after sometime before they came and threw me outa there! My friend bought a bag of Irish Cream chocolates and Champagne chocolates. That bag was left in the car when we went out for lunch, which deserves a mention, cuz it was simply splendid. We ate at a small joint by the roadside, a place which had a very homely & country setting. And the food was really good. I've gotta get back there sometime in the near future. But as we were leaving, we noticed that the chocolates had melted completely!! So we were left with a new choc flavour - Irish Champagne!!! But that wasn't bad either...
On our way back to Perth, we stopped by another river town (forgettin the name), had a cup of tea next to the water and strolled about. Everywhere we went, the landscape was plain beautiful. Its so relaxing.....Anyhow, we got back by late evening, and as I turned to bed I promised myself one thing - I've gotta have another go at the chocolate factory.....(",)....

Photo Hosting...


Have finally figured a way to post pics through my college network....
Will keep updating pics in the album from time to time @


Way Down South...


Made a weekend trip with my friend down south of oz. Started off at 7:30am, covering about 180kms in a 3hour drive. First stop was a small beach town called Busselton. The beach there was simply spectacular.....water so clear, that the sea bed could be clearly seen. And even though the sun was out, the breeze was cool and refreshing. We made our way to an underwater observatory that was built out into the sea, connected to land via a 1.7km long wooden jetty. I'm told its the longest wooden structure in the world!! After a long walk to the observatory, we made our way down 3 floors, coming into level with the sea bed. And what I saw was simply spectacular - we were staring straight into the most beautiful marine life I'd ever seen!! Bright corals all over in vivid colours, with blue's, pink's and orange's all over. And a whole range of colourful fishes. I even came face to face with an octopus (which was quite ugly!!). pics here
After that, we took a drive down a little futher to the southern most tip of South-West Australia. It was again an amazing scene, looking at the ocean stretch all around for miles and miles, the only next land surface beynd the waters being Antartica. The view was breathtaking, but the flies were up to their usual tricks again (for those who have no clue wat i'm talking bout, read my previous blog). We even took what is known as a 'Bush Walk', an aussie term for a walk through the wild fauna. Lunch was authentic aussie 'fish n chips', at a local shop. Come evening time and we headed back to Perth, but with beautiful oceanic images in my mind....


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