I wish I was an Illegal Immigrant!!!


Looks like there are two ways go immigrate & start livin' the good life here in Oz.

a) You can do all the hard work, get decent grades, get into a reputed university, work hard for 3-4yrs, get a job, and work hard all the way from there
b) Come into the country as an illegal immigrant & let the government take care of all your needs!

Apparently the second method is much easier than it seems! There was this news story up on TV the other day about an illegal immigrant here in Perth from Chennai (Madras). Now if you're caught as an illegal immigrant, you are detained by the Government in their special detainment facilities, until they decide 'what to do with you'. Now these aren't the 4x4 one window jail type cells your thinking about. Uh-huh. Its a nice apartment, with a kitchen, living space, bedroom, television, and not to mention the swimming pool. All heavily guarded of course (read: sarcasm). Now the law also states, that, If under some condition (medical grounds I presume), the counselor at the 'detainment' center gives the go ahead, these detainees can be allowed to live outside, in the community.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Our Indian friend here, has somehow caught on to a loophole in the system, and now lives in a well equipped apartment close to the beach (obviously with the standard equipped swimming pool and all that jazz), has a car to transport him around to wherever he wants to go, has two self-hired bodyguards for his protection, and to top it all off, gets an allowance from the government for his daily spending needs!!! The news clip shows him spending an ordinary day heading out to McDonald's, driving around the city & taking strolls at the beach. All at the tax payer's expense!!

Now which option should would you go for? a) or b)?

What next...!!!


It had to happen sooner of later!!! Computers seems to be doing everything these days....it wasn't long before one world come along and tell you to mind your language!! Hahah....

Check out http://www.missdewey.com/. Miss Dewey is an interactive search engine, where she comments on what you search for!! I typed in Curtin University, and she says 'So you're planning to do a bit of studying I see'.....!!!! More than anything its amusing.... Try and type in some offensive / abusive world and you'll she what she has to say. She told me 'Mind your language!! hasn't your mother ever taught you anything?'!! Hahaha...... And there are some really witty inputs too....a search for India got me 'With all the cost savings these days, its no wonder I was coded overseas'.....!!!

And its so cool looking at the time the coders must have spend designing this site!! I type in 'hackers' and she gave me a one minute speech on the wrongs pirated software!! And the neat part is she doesn't always say the same thing for a similar search....

I just hope all future websites don't have her in it... (",)

So I look like......??


Its amazing at what sort of websites are out there! The first 'ridiculously interesting' site I came across was deathclock.com. This site claimed it could predict your date of death based on some basic inputs such as date of birth, age, weight etc etc. But yesterday my friend showed me MyHeritage.com. Now this place has a 'face recognition' tool.... where you upload a pic of urs, and using its 'oh so sophisticated' methods, it maps out which celebrity you resemble the most! Now different pics from different angles seemed to bring out different results (unsurprisingly)...But there's also a meter which gives the percentage of closeness....
So here are my four closest matches... (might take a bit while to show up on a slow connection)

Yea...apparently my closest match is John Mayer with 74%!!!! hahhahaaha...... (Don't ask me where the resemblance comes from (,") )....To me the surprise element was Abhishek Bachchan....lolz...I have no clue how it found the other two matches....

But if you ask me....I think John Mayer he looks more like me, dontcha think ;-)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot...


Just happened to stumble across this delightful blog...written by a group of fellow Calcutta'ians. They post various everyday quotes n overheard phrases.....all that have some sort of humorous angle to it...
Each one is bound to bring a smile....(",)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Some random clips...

"Baby Bank. Deposit your babies here and watch them grow with interest.

-- Ad in Salt Lake, Kolkata, for a creche/playschool."

At a Budapest zoo:

"The box of a clockwork toy made in Hong Kong:


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