The World Rally Championships!!


I'm not much into motorsports....but anyho....I went along with my friend for the final leg of the world rally championships in Perth. The Perth leg of the WRC has been going on for the last 19 years...and this was the last time that it would be held here. The crowd was spectacular and so were the cars (obviously!). You'd expect just young teens and other fanatics to show up, but everyone from age 5 to 55 and above were there....The biggest attention grabber I think were the Miss Rally Australia Finalists..who were mingling with the crowd! Get a feel of it from the pics....

the crowd

the 'ol rally cars

miss rally australia '06 finalists..

marcus havin his share of the fun!

To see all the pics....go here

Back on Flickr!!!


I've relocated my photo albums back to Flickr!!! (Uni's allowed access again!!) So very soon I'll close down the previous albums and move 'em all to flickr

Rat Attack!!


Eating a snack at 1.30AM in the morning is never a bad idea at all!! My flatmat, Marcus and I found oursleves quite hungry, and sat down to much on a snack of ham n cheese sandwich & an apple pie! Not to forget steaming cups of English tea....

Following the usual chit-chat as I was passing by the refrigerator, I got a stench coming from around there. Now people in the flat had been getting this smell for sometime, but never really got to figuring it out what it was. Marcus came up and joked that probably there was something dead behind the fridge, and yanked it forward. An lo!!! There lies a sqished rat!! (Think it could have been a mouse tho...). And the fun began!! We called out the girls and they had their share of shrieks and screams!! Civilized as we are, we decided on cleanin it up...which was more of entertainment than housework.....anyhow...I think the pictures shall speak for itself....

The Squashed Soul...

Getting it cleaned up!

Scaring the girls!

Me doing my share of cleaning!

Getting rid of the rodent...

And thats all there was left of the poor soul......

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