I need food...


Right now, I'm sitting in one of the comp labs at uni, irritated and hungry as hell!! I got up early (for a change) and headed off to campus to enroll myslef for my classes and plan my timetable as I waned, before all the good timeslots got filled up. Firstly, the schedule didn't look too pleasing, and the fact that on wednesday's I would be attending classes from 8AM to 8PM didn't help brighten my mood either. Anyho, after I sorted the timetable to somewhat my liking (xcept for wednesdays), and as soon as I was ready to leave, it starts raining! So I try to waste some more time in the lab, looking at people's faces, writing emails to people I didn't know were still alive...thing's to keep me busy.

It's been nearly three hours now, and it still hasn't stopped raining. on top of that, I didn't have any breakfast this morning either cuz I planned to go shpooing soon after I finished....If you look at it, when you have all the time in the world to spare, nothing interesting happens...but when you wnat to do something, then there are like a million things that stand in your way!!!

I'm gonna stop writing in more junk now. If the rain does not stop tho, there'll be a part II to this entry...if not, I'll probably be digging myslef into some long awaited Breakfast - Lunch....Brunch...

The Bong comes calling....


Never ever give a typical Bong a job at a call center - It's just an invitation to disaster. Couple of days back I got a call on my cell, obviously from some guy trying to push sales of some new cell phone plan. Now as I had nothing better to do, I guess a little chit-chat with this guy wouldn't hurt!...Here's how the conversation went between me and the BOF (Bong on Fone)

BOF: Hello sir, am I speaking to Mr. Aditya Sen?
ME: Yes

BOF: Hello Mr. Sen, I'm calling from GoLive Cellular
ME: Ok, and?

BOF: I've just called to say that you're existing plan rate has been reduced as a special offer for you
ME: Thats great! But unfortunately I'm not with GoLive

BOF: I understand that sir. But this reduction applies on your existing plan itself.
ME: Ok. Thats great

BOF: Mr. Sen, from now on instead of $29 a month, you shall pay only $28.95!
ME: What? You reduced 5cents? Thats no reduction!

BOF: Along with that your existing call rates have also been dropped by 10c per minute
ME: Thats good then

BOF: And Mr. Sen, do you make international calls? If so, where to?
ME: Yeah, I usually make calls back to India

BOF: Thats excellent. Because our international rates to India have also been dropped by 13c per minute
ME: Thats good

BOF: Mr. Sen, if you don't mind, can I ask you a personal question?
ME: Sure

BOF: Are you an Indian?
ME: Yes

BOF: I'm an Indian too!
ME: Yeah, I kinda figured that out already

BOF: Can you speak bengali?
ME: Yes

BOF: Oh! aami o bangali. aapnar shate bangla te kotha bolte paari? (I'm also a bengali. Can I speak to you in bengali?)
ME: Yeah. Whatever suits you

BOF: Khoob bhalo. Acha Mr. Sen, aapnar ki kono mobile phone aache? (Very Good. Ok Mr. Sen, do you have a cell phone?)
ME: aami aamar mobile phone thike kotha bolche (I'm speaking from my mobile phone itself)

BOF: Oh! tale aami aapnake iktu bhool khobor boleche. Aapni kon provider'er shaate aacho? (Oh! Then I think I've given you the wrong information. Which provider are you with?)
ME: Three Cellular

Aapni monthly koto pay koren? (How much do you pay monthly?)
ME: $29

BOF: Ayeta oonek bhool hoiche. Sorry Mr. Sen, aami bhablam apni landline thike kotha bolchen (This is a big mistake. Sorry Mr. Sen, I thought you were speaking from your landline)
ME: Ok. Nice talking to you. Bye

BOF: Mr. Sen, aar ekta jinish jigesh korte paari? Aapni ki student? (Mr. Sen, can I ask one more thing? Are you a student?)
ME: Yes

BOF: Aacha. Kon university te porein? (Ok. Which university do you study in?)
ME: Why do you want to know?

BOF: Aami bas jigesh korte chai ki aapni ki Central Queensland University chenain? (I just wanted to ask if you know about Centeral Queensland University?)
ME: Haan. Jaani. Kano? (Yes. I know. Why?)

BOF: Univeristy 're theek ulto deeg aamar Mama thake! (My uncle lives right opposite the university)
ME: [cuts off the phone]

Can you imagine this guy?? Firstly he gives me wrong information. Then he blabbers on in bong. And then he starts telling me where his uncle lives!!! Sheesh....If I'd stayed on any longer, I would have probably known what he had for lunch too!
I keep hearing on how companies are planning to shift call center operations out of India to some other country. After this conversation I can see why!



Its what you wait for all semester...the holidays! There are all these plans on what you would do when the hols come, and how you could finally do the things that you just couldn't get to doin cuz of all the studies piled up. And now that they're finally here.....i'm bored!!

Its been over a week, and I've done nothing but watched tonnes of movies or gone out with friends. All those plans of learning something new, trying to pick up some new solo's & riff's on the guitar.....just doesn't seem to happen. And to top off the boredom, I don't have internet access from my room anymore. I wonder what people did back in the old days, when there was no internet, email or instant messaging?!?! Luckily i've managed to find myself a part time job, else i'd totally go mad!! Lesse how that goes...starting that in a couple of days.....



After a really long time I saw a movie which was more that just some slapstick humor or some college guy running after a girl. Crash as a film is just one of those which makes u sit down after the end and think about what just happened. The movie is centered around racial discrimination, and depicts the lives of several people, whose lives get connected through the various events that occur.

After watching it, I did followed up with some reading on the film. Turns out it bagged the best film of the year at the Oscars in 2005, and at the same time was dubbed as the worst film of the year! The only movie which I can think of that had the same effect on me so far was Man on Fire, another great film. Both are defininitely a must watch...


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