Its not everyday that you get to see a hindi movie thats a class apart. Bold dialogues in a Marathi-Bihari-Hindi dialect is Omkara, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello. There isn't much of a change from the original Shakespeare storyline, with the basic plot intact, but it comes with really good screenplay & strong music. I doubt the music or the movie would have mass appeal in India, as its not the usual boy-meets-girl three hour drama nor is the music set for dance clubs, nor is it a family film.
Saif Ali Khan plays 'Langda' (lago) and is most convincing on screen. Its nice to see a good adaptation of a good play turn out good on the big screen (there were a one too many 'good's' in that statement). Anyhow, a must watch.


The Vindaloo Case...


One of my tasks at the supermarket where I work involves doing something called 'prezo', which essentially is bringing old stock to the front display, and clearing out bad / damaged goods from the aisles. Its quite an easy really, just that it takes really long to do. Its quite common to find a product in the wrong shelf at times, cuz sometimes customers just leave it there. Now there's been something funny happening here, and I really want to get to the bottom of it....

I run through 'prezo' about thrice a week, and every single time, irrespective of which section / department I work in, I'll always find a bottle of 'Patak's Vindaloo Simmer Sauce' misplaced in one of the shelves!! (For those who are wondering what Vindaloo is, read this). Now this one bottle has so far been located by me in the fresh foods section, the natural health section, the beauty and cosmetics section & the canned food's section. In other words, wherever I do prezo, I always find a bottle, which I then pick up and move back to the Indian food's section. For the first couple of times this happened I thought it was mere coincidence, but this is just happening too many times now! I've been trying to formulate as to why this keeps happening. So far i've come up with the following
  • A customer is playing an extremely good prank week after week
  • The vindaloo bottle is intimidated when placed with other Indian food's and looks to relocate itself amongst more pleasant surroundings
  • There are couple of mutant rats loose in the store from a failed scientific experiment, who have an affinity for Indian food, and are looking for means to open the bottle
  • The bottle is supposed to conatain a secret message for the secret service and I always manage to relocate it, causing chaos in the department (No wonder the Iraq war is still on!)
  • My boss places the bottle in the shelves where I am to work before I arrive to that after I'm done & the bottle isn't there, he knows i've done my work properly
  • I've gone completely crazy and have a good imagination..
So that's my list of probably suspects. Its happened just too many times & I'm bugged now. I'll try to put some sort of a mark on the bottle next time to see if it's the same bottle that keeps popping up everywhere. I'm not really too sure how that'll help solve anything, but it'll give myself something to do and think about for a week! I must also add that I did find a packet of Sherwan's Indian Butter Chicken Masala alongside the bottle once....hmmm....

As an end note, I've seriously gotta stop watching so many mystery / crime / fiction related movies!

To the bongs...


You think you've left it all behind. The smell of rosogolla's. The ladies with their huge red 'bindis'. The talk about adda's & calling each other's name ending with 'da' (for men) and 'di' (for ladies). But no. They're everywhere and you just can't find a place where they don't exist. The Bongs (aka. the Bengali's). My dad once said that in any city or town in the world there are two bengali's, then they will surely get together and celebrate durga puja. I'll take that a step futher. '.....till will surely get together and celebrate ANYTHING!'. Haha...

Anyhow, jokes apart, last saturday was one of these celebrations, which I presume didnt have any special occassion. It was just for fun. It's been really long since I last took part in something that had stage rehersals & things moving according to a itenary. But it was fun. My friends & I teamed up to play a bit of music for the crowd. I wouldn't call it a smashing performance, but then again we didn't get booed of the stage either! But watching other performances were fun. It was fun to see the Indian-Aussie kids randomly switching perfectly crafted bong with perfectly crafted english. Aunty's talking about the usual 'what their son did at school', people scrambling about to find the next guy going up on stage, the spicy chicken biriyani being served for dinner...for a moment there, it felt like home. It felt nice to be part of all that, being in a different country and yet doing this just the way it was back home.

I'm pretty sure I'll see something very familiar during durga puja, which I presume is not too far away. In the meantime, you can check out some pics from that day....(only pics of me!! haha)....Click here


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